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Frequently Asked Questions About Having A Wisdom Tooth Removed

A person's wisdom teeth are located in the very back corners of the mouth on the top and bottom of the jaw. Most of the time, individuals will need to have these teeth removed by a dental surgeon because they can cause complications. Individuals can learn important information about wisdom tooth removal by reading the frequently asked questions below.

Why is it important for individuals to have their wisdom teeth taken out?

Many individuals, when they're around 20 years of age, will start experiencing pain in their mouth that's caused by their wisdom teeth. The pain may only last for awhile, but it will eventually come back and it often becomes worse. Wisdom tooth pain is the major reason why most individuals will have them removed.

Other reasons for having wisdom teeth taken out is because as they erupt they may start to crowd the other teeth. This causes the other teeth to shift out of alignment and they can also become damaged. Additionally, some people must have their wisdom teeth taken out because they've become infected.

Is it painful when a dental surgeon removes a patient's wisdom teeth?

Depending on the location of the wisdom tooth in the jaw, dental doctors may be able to take the tooth out whole, or they may have to cut along the gum line and take out the tooth in more than one piece. The length of the surgery will depend on the position of the tooth and the complexity of the surgery.

When dental doctors remove a person's wisdom teeth during a surgical procedure, they'll sedate the individual first. Patients are awake during wisdom teeth removal but they won't feel any pain. Many patients don't even remember the surgery due to the sedative.

What kind of recovery can patients expect after having their wisdom teeth removed?

The recovery process for individuals after they have their wisdom teeth taken out will vary from person to person. The recovery time will largely depend on the complexity of the procedure. The surgery site will be sore for a few days following the procedure, so individuals should only eat soft foods during this time.

Individuals should report any problems after the surgery to their oral surgeon. Visit wisdom teeth removal to learn additional information about wisdom tooth surgery.

Individuals who need to have their wisdom teeth removed can visit the Center For Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy website at http://implantperiocenter.com/ to schedule an appointment.

This office also specializes in dental implants, periodontal services, gum grafts and crown lengthening.
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